Top 25 General Dentists in the Milwaukee Area!

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Lloyd is rated as one of the Top 25 General Dentists in the Milwaukee Area! This rating comes from Avvo, an independent, Seattle-based company that rates dentists and other medical professionals. Avvo’s proprietary selection process rates dentist on a 10 point scale, which includes: Experience, education, peer endorsements, training, speaking, publishing, and awards, as well as information from licensing and disciplinary authorities.

Back, for 2014 – Free bleaching for all summer brides!!!

We’re all eager to welcome the summer season here in Wisconsin. Trees are budding, flowers blooming, the grass is growing, and June brides need to be smiling! In an effort to help those summer brides put a smile on their face on that special day we are offering FREE Bleaching! That’s right, no mistake there, be one of the first 25 summer brides to call and mention this offer and we will provide you with take home trays, bleach, and the knowledge to make your wedding day photos just a bit brighter. Call today, 414/453-1423, and mention Natalie’s wedding gift :)

Digital X-rays

Happy New Year to one and all. In an effort to provide you with the most effective dental care available, Dr. Lloyd will be installing digital imaging this month. Digital Imaging has come a long way and has finally earned Dr. Lloyd’s stamp of approval. Better diagnostic quality with lower levels of radiation will now afford our patients with another ‘ease of use’ with insurance company benefits as well. The ability to see your film on a tablet will help the diagnostic understanding you have. Mention New Year Imaging when making your next appointment and we will gift you 2 bitewing x-rays.

Text Us

That’s right, effective immediately Dr. Lloyd’s office can make appointments, answer questions, etc via text messaging.

Our text line is 414/828-8187. We can’t wait to hear from you!

End of Year Benefits!

Our office would like to extend a Holiday Greeting to you, and yours. Accept this letter as our Thank You for giving us the opportunity to serve your dental needs. As a gift in the holiday spirit, any appointments made referring to this letter will receive a 10% courtesy on any work done now through December 31st.

Please call today and schedule your next visit. I would like to remind all of our patients of the insurance “benefit year end”. Each year you are provided a benefit maximum, which cannot be accrued over time. All benefits left in this account on December 31 will be lost, (unless another date has been issued by your insurance co). In addition to your benefit maximum, your deductible will again apply effective January 1. If you have any treatment left undone, or treatment not yet started, now is the time to schedule. As the year end approaches our schedule tends to be very busy. Please schedule today if you have outstanding dental work you need, or want completed. Finally, please note that many companies are dropping dental benefits in their new contracts. Check with your employer to become aware of any plans underway to drop dental benefits. If finances are an issue keeping you from getting necessary treatment, please call Natalie. This office works with Care Credit Financing and can offer you an application. Often the amount needed is given at a zero percent, 0%, interest rate. Let us know if you would like more information on this program.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Happened to find this informational guide on the Mayo Clinic website. If you, or someone you know suffers from Burning Mouth Syndrome, follow the link below and learn.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

How long have you been using your toothbrush?

We always ask every patient if they would like to have a new toothbrush after each dental cleaning. Most people say yes; however, there are some that decline. Recently, I started to ask patients who did not want a toothbrush why they did not need one. Some say they have a mechanical one (YAY!!!), others say that their toothbrush looks fine, so they don’t need a new one. Even though a toothbrush looks normal, a toothbrush contains millions of bacteria that are introduced into your mouth each time you brush. So with that in mind, there are certain key times during the year when you want to replace your toothbrush. The easiest one to remember is when you get your teeth cleaned. When you see your dentist and hygienist, they are removing plaque and bacteria from your mouth. By replacing your toothbrush then, you keep your mouth cleaner and don’t reintroduce the bacteria that the dentist or hygienist just removed back into your mouth. Another good time to replace your toothbrush is right after you have been sick. Saliva harbors a lot of bacteria and viruses that cause the cold and flu and by replacing the toothbrush, you don’t introduce those bugs back into your mouth.

As always, feel free to contact us through email at, if you have any questions or give us a call at 414-453-1423.

Alternative Solution for Periodontal Surgery

Dr Lloyd has been an advocate of the Perio Protect system for over five years. We have seen excellent results and patients are happy to have an alternative to surgery to treat their periodontal issues. Perio Protect® has been a leader in minimally invasive dentistry for the last six years with a new method that offers people the most gentle, yet effective way possible to fight the bacteria that cause gum disease. Thousands of dentists have attended Perio Protect seminars to learn this new approach and the end result is. . . patients win. You may not know it, but studies show that 8 out of 10 adults in the U.S. have some form of gum disease. This disease is known as the “hidden disease” or, as former Surgeon General, David Satcher referred to it, “the silent epidemic.” It is hard to see the bacteria and the problems they cause hidden below your gums, but the problems can be serious. People who have avoided treatment in the past are changing the way they see their dentists with the Perio Protect Method™. Now patients and dentists are working together, as the homecare regimen becomes a very important part of the Perio Protect Method. Patients report that their mouths feel cleaner EVERY DAY when using this method as prescribed, and the “side effects” have included whiter teeth and fresher breath. As always, feel free to contact us through email at, if you have any questions or give us a call at 414-453-1423.

Dr. Lloyd and his team are committed to providing exceptional care.

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