How long have you been using your toothbrush?

We always ask every patient if they would like to have a new toothbrush after each dental cleaning. Most people say yes; however, there are some that decline. Recently, I started to ask patients who did not want a toothbrush why they did not need one. Some say they have a mechanical one (YAY!!!), others say that their toothbrush looks fine, so they don’t need a new one. Even though a toothbrush looks normal, a toothbrush contains millions of bacteria that are introduced into your mouth each time you brush. So with that in mind, there are certain key times during the year when you want to replace your toothbrush. The easiest one to remember is when you get your teeth cleaned. When you see your dentist and hygienist, they are removing plaque and bacteria from your mouth. By replacing your toothbrush then, you keep your mouth cleaner and don’t reintroduce the bacteria that the dentist or hygienist just

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removed back into your mouth. Another good time to replace your toothbrush is right after you have been sick. Saliva harbors a lot of bacteria and viruses that cause the cold and flu and by replacing the toothbrush, you don’t introduce those bugs back into your mouth.

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