End of Year Benefits!

Our office would like to extend a Holiday Greeting to you, and yours. Accept this letter as our Thank You for giving us the opportunity to serve your dental needs. As a gift in the holiday spirit, any appointments made referring to this letter will receive a 10% courtesy on any work done now through December 31st.

Please call today and schedule your next visit. I would like to remind all of our patients of the insurance “benefit year end”. Each year you are provided a benefit maximum, which cannot be accrued over time. All benefits left in this account on December 31 will be lost, (unless another date has been issued by your insurance co). In addition to your benefit maximum, your deductible will again apply effective January 1. If you have any treatment left undone, or treatment not yet started, now is the time to schedule. As the year end approaches our schedule tends to be very busy. Please schedule today if you have outstanding dental work you need, or want completed. Finally, please note that many companies are dropping dental benefits in their new contracts. Check with your employer to become aware of any plans underway to drop dental benefits. If finances are an issue keeping you from getting necessary treatment, please call Natalie. This office works with Care Credit Financing and can offer you an application. Often the amount needed is given at a zero percent, 0%, interest rate. Let us know if you would like more information on this program.