Dr. David Lloyd is pleased to introduce something new and wonderful for patients who have long feared going to the dentist due to needles. DentalVibe® is a patented, award winning, cordless handheld device designed to reduce the pain and fear associated with dental injections for adults as well as children. The fear of dental injections can cause patients to prolong necessary dental procedures which nearly always makes any dental problem worse. DentalVibe® removes those fears through a unique microprocessor-controlled VibraPulse™ technology to provide the most effective way to “close” the Pain Gate to the brain and block the discomfort of dental injections.

DentalVibe® works for both adults and kids! With the comfort and pain free experience DentalVibe® offers your child, they will never associate a dental injection with pain or the drowsy after-effects.

If you would like more information on DentalVibe®, please call our office at 414 453 1423 or schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. David Lloyd.

Dr. Lloyd and his team are committed to providing exceptional care.

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